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Took one of the worst mornings of my life 19 years ago when I learned my friend Mike Ternasky died in a car accident and used it as fuel to make sure I always lived up to his expectations and ideals. To this day I still meet people who were positively impacted by Mike and also use his spirit to keep themselves in check and motivate them to do more. I am blessed to have had him in my life and even more blessed that his impact echoes to this day. If you knew MT, post a pic today and write an anecdote or memory #RIPMT @midgeholland

2 #GOATs @dannyway #gonz

Happy Birthday @dannyway !!! Stomp a few good ones today.

Good lookin out @sleepystevens #trampskateanddestroy took 21 years for this video to be relevant. Thanks for the tip @crailtap

A photo in a skate mag!!! Childhood dream comes true. Thanks @theskateboardmag @kevinwilkins @grantbrittain #paulzitzer . #waitingforlightning has been a gift that keeps on giving, thank you for the shine @dannyway !

Did a long interview over at mishkanyc.com/bloglin for #waitingforlightning

Two of my all time favorite people in skateboarding @christianhosoi & @blabacphoto talking shop at the ASC event. Cool seeing some old friends yesterday at #agenda and stoked to talk about #waitingforligtning with @dannyway for ASC.

Should be cool tonight, bringing a fun clip from the DVD extras “chronicles of gnarly” check it out. @dannyway